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Former rival upset by jones drug reports

Former rival upset by jones drug reports

The president also said he didn’t care if other politicians are making money with “their own problems,” because he doesn’t want to “have to deal with any politician that comes out, says, ‘Hey, I don’t know anything about these things.’

Trump said Monday that reports out of Pennsylvania say Gov. Tom Corbett has been using a high-speed “painkiller” and that he is using it on himself, and that he has no idea how to handle it.

“It doesn’t get better than that,” Trump said. “There is something that is going on in Pennsylvania. I don’t even know what it is, but I have never seen anything like it.”

“Tom Corbett, they have a guy running in Pennsylvania, they don’t know what he’s doing,” he said. “I’m the president of the United States, and the people of the United States are very angry with the people running our country and in Washington, D.C., with Washington. Tom Corbett has got to do something to stop the bleeding, because there is something going on.”

Corbett and campaign chairman Matt Arco have denied using painkillers, saying he suffers from chronic pain, and have been trying for months to get the state’s attorney general’s office to investigate the state representative. He called the reports “baseless” last week.

Corbett did not directly address the allegations Monday, but he called in a reporter from WPXI, saying that a friend “made some claims that he did not. I did not know it was a lie. When asked, he said I didn’t know it was a lie. I didn’t know that he was making any kind of 우리카지노claims. I think it is really unfortunate that people think that my wife’s using.”

“It’s a lie,” the governor sai더킹카지노d when asked later about the reports by local WTOP. “I have never used any prescription medications. We have been trying to work with people in the county.”

Corbett has been criticized by the state’s two Democrat-controlled branches of government for his handling of the state budget crisis and corruption allegations, including the discovery of an affair involving former Republican state House Speaker Tom Foley and wife that led to two lawmakers resigning, and for comments he made last fall that suggested a woman with high blood pressure who sought help from doctors at a hospital was at fault for the botched abortion procedure that killed her.

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