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Alleged victim might never be fit to give evidence

Alleged victim might ngospelhitzever be fit to give evidence

Bishop of York, Dr Brian Gough, sagospelhitzid the allegations were serious enough to warrant the police investigation.

“The fact that she will become a victim of a violent sex assault, we really hope that she will be properly prosecuted,” Dr Gough said.

“She is a young woman, who has a long-t바카라사이트erm mental health problem.”

Mr Rennie said the family could not “pass judgment” on Ms Taylor’s character and she was a “beautiful, caring, innocent young lady”.

“We are hoping for a resolution which will put an end to the trauma caused by this act. We believe that with the support of the police and forensic investigators this has been a thoroughly traumatised incident,” he said.

“We don’t condone such violence in any way.

“It’s clearly a case of rape and that is in no way acceptable. We fully support a police investigation and we’re going to do everything we can to support their investigation into this matter.”

Image caption Police are offering the public help in tracing the suspect

The incident was not her first brush with violence in New Zealand.

In July last year, she was charged with assaulting three men in front of a friend, but the court heard that police were told by the victim and the prosecution it was too early to charge her.

The case has been re-opened and Ms Taylor can apply to have it reopened if she wishes, she said.